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A Detailed look at our Daily Operations during COVID-19

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

YES! WE ARE STILL OPEN!!!! But we need your help staying safe! This is the 4th week since we started implementing CDC's, COVID-19 Preventive Measures. We have been like you, trying to "Flatten Curve" and we feel we have developed a daily checklist that keeps our employees and clients as safe as possible in these uncertain times. (and a couple of cute pics.......We haven't turned into barbarians just yet!!! :) See what we are tracking daily to "Flatten The Curve". (edited 3/27/202o)



Point of contact: Robert Christensen

Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.

edited 3/27/2020

Frequent and proactive communication is crucial when leading your team in uncertain times.

  • Verify all employees are healthy

  • If anyone on your team is unwell with flu-like symptoms including fever, coughing or any respiratory issues, they should not be at work

  • Ensure you ask your employees if any of their families or friends have been to areas that have been restricted and if they have been in close contact

  • Review your sick leave protocol with all employees

  • Enforce good hygiene practices including:

  • Wash your hands frequently with an alcoholic-based hand rub or soap and water for at least 20 seconds

  • Maintain social distancing of at least 2 metre (6 feet) between yourself and anyone

  • Cover your mouth with your bent elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing

  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth

  • Verify that teams have proper hygiene equipment for the day (soap, gels, gloves).

  • Outline appropriate interactions with customers, including:

  • Do not shake customers’ hands. Replace the traditional handshake with a warm smile and ‘hello’ instead.

  • Ensure mobile phones for payment are sanitized pre and post having a customer complete service confirmation for resource journal completion.

Clients Requirements:

  • All clients must verbally confirm no one is/ or has been sick in the home or office for at least 14 days before we arrive on-site. (updated in Work Orders and Opp ID)

  • All hard surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected BEFORE the crew arrive on-site.

  • All hard surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected AFTER the crew leave.

  • All clients are required to have soap or hand sanitizer available onsite and a clean place where the crew can wash hands.

  • We recommend not using “soft” surfaced items for up to 24 hours after the move. (Cardboard, fabric, and other hard to wipe off items)

Facility Operations:

  • Daily Review current status :US Center for Disease Control

  • Follow up with your team throughout the day to ensure they are following good hygiene protocol.

  • Follow up with your team throughout the day to see if they have come in contact with any customers exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Source hygiene resources for your teams if you are running low.

  • Verify all trucks are equipped with disinfecting wipes or appropriate cleaning supplies. Have your teams wipe down high-touch areas after each job, including door handles, steering wheels, clipboards, and more.

  • Ensure your employees recognize the symptoms of COVID-19 and report to you if they feel they have been in contact with someone displaying these symptoms.

Sanitary Supplies:

Daily Inventory Completed at : ____________________ by ____________________________.

Supplies needed____________________________.

Limiting Employee Risk:

  • NO morning meetings

  • The same employees work together during the next few weeks to minimize contacts with larger groups

  • We are assigning the groups of TTM’s to the same trucks to reduce full team exposure. During this time, they will keep the same binder, phones, and keys. In the event of one person getting sick with coronavirus, the rest of the team and vehicle can be quarantined.

  • Staggering start times

  • Teams are instructed to meet directly at their truck rather than coming into the office

  • Have the customer pay using debit or credit wherever possible to reduce handling of money.

  • Reduce the use of paper documents and shared equipment or materials. Consider having your teams not show the client price-list, instead discuss it from a distance

  • Wipe down binders, phones, chargers, and keys daily.

  • Enhance internal and external truck cleaning practices

  • Interior should be washed during each shift change prior to the next team using the truck

  • Pay close attention to frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, steering wheels, gear shift, etc.

  • Enhance office cleaning practices

  • Commonly touched surfaces, such as handles, should be wiped periodically throughout the day

  • Bathrooms should be cleaned thoroughly and throughout the day

  • Have daily supplies pre-set up for teams to pick up at different times.

  • Consider separating your leadership team and communicating electronically.

  • Closing team hangout locations in your offices to maintain social distancing.

  • NO more than 2 TTM's per truck/ any additional crew needed will come in a second vehicle.

Possibility of Temporary Closure:

There may be the possibility that our business will have to temporarily cease operations for an undetermined period of time as determined by local, state, and/or federal authority.

Action Template: FIll out daily.

Use this template to ensure you are tracking all required actions related to your operations readiness plan. Review your actions frequently and update throughout the day.

Health & Safety Practices ____________________________________________________________________________ Reducing Risk for my Employees________________________________________________ Dispatch Planning & Operations ________________________________________________ Supplies ____________________________________________________________________ Staff Scheduling and Recruitment ________________________________________________ Morning Huddle Communication Topics and Process______________________________________________________________________ Employee Training Requirements________________________________________________

Sign off for cleaning of all hard surfaces in the office. It happened at ______________ and _____________ and ____________ and ____________ and the end of day at _______________.


Date: ___________________________


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