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Cat you have any other pets?

We got a level 5 Catamity, its been fur balls and side eye ever since our loyal customers noticed I was feline deficient. I've had to sort through a fur-midable meowtain of purr-sonality to come up this list of our purr-fect clients. So allow me to whisker you away, and don't make me call claw-enforcement because you are stuck at home being a sourpuss. Turn your cattitude down to zero and throw your paws in the air as you find a sunny place to enjoys today's douse of meowment.

"4 naps and seven meals ago our owners......."

"were you using this?"

"i'm a little tea pot, short and round...."

"you have won this round"

"is it noon, yet?"

"i am smiling"

"yes, your the Tiger King"

"7am, so? I work night shift!"

Last but not least I wanted to announce our partnership with the Clark County Food Bank and North County Community Food bank, we have had a dramatic decrease in jobs over the last week. Since we have been able to maintain our complete work force without any layoffs and because we have such awesome employees who want to help out in the community. Our company will start volunteering at both the local food banks starting tomorrow. I would like to thank all of our employees for their dedication and I would like to thank the awesome front line hero's out there making the world a safer place! We plan on assisting anyway we can and if you know someone in the Greater Vancouver region who needs something, drop us a note. We may be able to help!

Ben, Robert and Nathan, Owners You Move Me.

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