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COVID-19 Update: Our Community Response

We would like to thank everybody at North County Food Bank for all they do! Two weeks ago we started looking around for charities in the region that wanted volunteers and the awesome team in Battle Ground, WA said they could use a couple of people daily to build food boxes, stock shelves and load cars. We jumped on the opportunity, because we believe at You Move Me we have to be part of the solution. We want to be the leaders in our community not just when times are good but when you have make hard choices or maybe you just need to friend to lean on. We were able to donate 32 man hours last week to the Food Bank. We have also collected over 20 bags of trash with our "Dog Walks and Liter Patrol" employee participation directive. Our employees have made the commitment to clean up their local neighborhoods one dog walk at a time! We like to say our company makes Moving Almost Fun, today we want to show everyone we can make just about anything FUN!

Dan and Robert on a soggy day still smiling!

Fabian staying safe!

Stronger together.

Battle Ground Strong!

Dan getting ready to load some cars!

And last but not least, Alpen is still doing his part. Mostly by staying home, but also by tiding up the neighborhood on his daily Liter Patrol. Small acts make big changes.

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