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Flattening the Curve. Us helping You, help us.

WE GOT THIS!!! We would like to take the time to acknowledge that everyone here at You Move Me is informed and taking active measures to insure we are not part of the spread of COVID-19. We are not shaking hands; we are cleaning our office and equipment daily; and making sure our crews have the personal protective equipment and knowledge to ensure everyone's safety. We do have a couple of top tips that will help our clients ensure their move is as safe as possible.

Moving procedures during COVID-19

1. Please don’t invite us over if anyone in your home has a fever.


3. The movers will be wearing gloves. They will still need to wash hands throughout the day, please let us know if we need to bring soap or if you will have available for the crew.

4. We are REQUIRING all furniture is wrapped in plastic. Please understand this may slightly affect the cost of your move but a necessity to protect everyone. (We can send a “how to” video if you would like to wrap the furniture yourself)


6. Don’t use any “soft” surface furniture for at least 6 hours after the move and/or clean it using appropriate cleaners indicated for use on these surfaces. (The science is out on how long Corid-19 can live on soft fabrics but just to be safe)


Q: I’m not able to wipe off my furniture will you still move me?

A: The short answer is “NO” until everything is wiped off we will not start the moving process. That said contact us, if you have cleaning supplies our owner Robert Christensen will come to your house and give it a wipe down.

Q: I have to be out of my home tomorrow but my child is sick, will you still move us?

A: NO. We recommend calling your renter or realtor and local housing authority to make emergency quarantine plans if anyone in your household is ill.

Q: Are your movers healthy?

A: Yes! We had our first safety meeting about Covid-19 on March 2. We began implementing all CDC Directives at that time, including ensuring all of our team members have paid time off, that no one is working if they start feeling ill, and aggressively washing our equipment, office, and our hands.

Q: Are you still moving people?

A: Yes, we feel as long as everyone is following the safe preventive measures put out by the CDC it is still safe to MOVE you.

Q: I have more questions but don’t know who to ask?

A: We may not have the answer but feel free to call and talk it through with us. We want to find a solution and will go the extra mile to make sure our clients feel safe 360-601-5812.

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