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Pets, pets, and a little Covid-19 Update

Ugh! Anyone else crawling up the walls! At You Move Me, we are working hard to to make sure we are following all the latest Covid-19 updates, including issuing face masks to all of our employees (as of 4/3/2020). We understand these face mask are to prevent the spread from unsuspecting carriers who have no or mild symptoms. We have informed all of our employees that we are still requiring that they are 100% healthy and able to work, daily, or that they must take mandatory sick leave as recommended by the CDC. We are super proud to say we have been able to maintain schedules for all of our employees and have had no layoffs. We have applied for a grant and we are confident that we will be able to weather this storm. That said, today we would like to start off our pets picture portion by saying "HI" to an old friend, Ben.

Ben, was our very first move, way back before we even had our own trucks.

"and then he stuck his head in a hole?!?!?!?!"

"Just throw the ball"!

I said "cheese"!

"i don't wanna go home"!

"I'm so parched"

"Who you calling a pig?"

"look ma, no hands"

"do I got something between my teeth?"


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