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Us Helping in our Community.

What a week! Not only did we help 37 local families get moved into their new homes; we delivered 100 meals for Clark County Food Bank; spent 24 hours volunteering at the North County Food Bank, and on top of all that, our awesome crew members picked up 14 large bags of litter in their local neighborhoods!!! We decided at the beginning of this crisis we wanted to be the type of company who made themselves available to anyone who needs helps in these crazy times. We have spent a lot of time getting our processes down, educating ourselves and our team members so we could be available to help our community. We have all the necessary PPE, the training, and motivated employees who understand this is scary times, and we will take the time to walk any of our clients through our processes; to insure we are doing everything we can to get through this as quickly and safely as possible. Stay safe out there & wash your hands!

Loading up the truck with food boxes from Clark Country Food Bank

All smiles!

Check ins!

Robert and Gage!

Along I205

Along 117th and 124th, Nice job Fabian!

Rocky Butte with Alpen working hard.

Rocky Butte Day 2: Alpen is back for More!

Build it back together!

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